Cross-industry alliance with M Gallery

H+A Lifestyle's signature furniture and lighting combines M Gallery's lifestyle aesthetic space to provide consumers with a warm, textured and styled atmosphere
that savors leisure time.

M Gallery has set up a flagship of life concepts in Neihu, Taipei, with a new investment, high-tech, professional service, and aesthetic space.
The themed Café Lounge, as well as the high quality new coupe are sold to the general public.
At the same time, M Gallery offers a variety of services, from the physical store, membership VIP Lounge and with the exclusive R & D member APP system
to provide customers with more convenient use.
It is expected to launch an online mall, an after-sales maintenance center and provide a modified car service in the 
2nd half of 2018.
The integration of physical access and technology services will cater to the arrival of the new retail era.

M Gallery: 
1F., No.1, Sec. 1, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11494, Taiwan

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